Me about myself
The „Kelton-Manifesto
„It seems unnecessary to ask whether, when and with whom I have made exhibitions. This is due to the fact that every exhibition is the first and therefore unique; each taking place in different rooms, at different times. And, most importantly: in front of a different audience with incomparable people. More important than the information on how I make a living from art, is that I live art.

To pass on this unique feeling, I ask visitors not to hesitate to touch the paintings. If they feel the need, they should stroke them, view them from all angles and explore them…and, first and foremost, engage themselves with them with the possibility of seeing everything or nothing; maybe even laugh or just marvel. The contortions they do in front of my paintings will surely not only contribute to their health, but will also inspire their fantasy.“

Others about me
„…Barbara Kelton is one of a kind; and something which officially did not exist for a long time: a Czech in exile.  An autonomous, cosmopolitan survivor.She was born in 1954 in Czechoslovakia as the daughter of the painter Petr Kamenicek. She studied the art of gold- and silversmithing in Prague. Her idea of a free and upstanding life led her abroad. She studied art in Toronto, but returned to Europe after a while. She now lives as a Canadian Czech or Czech Canadian in Hamburg, and enriches our German reality with her art.“
Eva Profousova - Head of mission of the Czech consulate in Hamburg - 1996